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Fitness Boot Camps

At Hillmotts you achieve so much more than just weight loss. We teach you how to live a healthy lifestyle, how to train efficiently and how to eat a healthy diet in an everyday world that we all live. This has helped so many past guests achieve their goals from improving health, changing their body shape to being able to prepare and eat clean, unprocessed meals with minimal time and fuss.

We cater for all abilities from sedentary people with very little or no current exercise, all the way through to those who train regularly to a high standard. Adaptation is the key and all our highly experienced trainers guide you through carefully constructed group exercise sessions making each session challenging, achievable and enjoyable for everyone in a relaxed, fun and friendly environment

Whatever you reason for coming to Hillmotts, we will help you with your goals. We cater for males and females in our large Cotswolds house. Anyone over the age of 14 (accompanied by an adult) with no age limit. People ask us about how much weight they will lose each camp, it varies from a few pounds and can be as much as 6lbs+ over a 6 day camp. With nutritional and fitness chats in the late afternoons once every 3 days, we help you maintain that raised metabolism which in turn will change the shape of your body. We give you those tools and show you that changing your body shape and being healthier can easily be achieved when back home without spending a fortune on gyms, equipment and pills and potions!

One last thing we give you, a smile and confidence.

Personal service

Our personal trainers are highly skilled and extremely passionate about what they do. They take you through camps sharing their passion and expertise to help you improve your overall lifestyle as well as your health, fitness and nutrition. We believe education is the key to success, and with our talks on nutrition and fitness, we give every guest the tools to keep achieving once you have left us. But, once you’ve been with us, you never leave us. We help and answer any questions you may have after you leave us through our Facebook page (Hillmotts fitness retreat). Also, coming in February 2017 our aftercare packs will be available to purchase giving you that extra support including, training plans, nutritional information and a 7 day menu (current menu)

We enjoy exercising in the wonderful Cotswolds countryside, a stone’s throw from Blenheim palace, you will experience a mixture of outdoor and indoor training which may include Long Hikes and timed challenges to name a few. You will also experience a mixture of classes, with personal training, including Interval Training, Tabata, Kettlebells, TRX, Group Games, Boxercise, Body Attack (Aerobics), Body Conditioning, Circuit Training then also some more relaxing sessions such as Pilates inspired formats to name just a few.

The Boot Camps/fitness camps are aimed more at people on a budget wanting to experience a mixture exercise. Whilst on the Boot Camps/fitness camps you will experience all types of training from 2-3 of the top personal trainers in the UK with many years of experience. With a broad range of skills, our trainers will provide highly effective training to encourage and demonstrate various training styles and techniques. Having a base level of fitness does help with coming on one of our Camps, however, it is not needed as all abilities and fitness levels are welcome as our experienced personal trainers will always be able to adapt and cater for any ability showing many varieties of each exercise. We encourage training in all weather and seeing the beautiful countryside our locations have to offer, however, we also have a purpose built indoor studio for inclement weather. We believe that fresh air and being outdoors reinvigorates you and encourages you to work harder and most importantly it's so much more enjoyable than being in a gym.

Health Retreat UK

Hillmotts Fitness is a Fitness Camp, we are NOT a military boot camp or a yoga retreat. We aim to give you a weekend or week of intense, varied and enjoyable exercise but we are not military, so you will not be shouted at or made to feel inferior. In saying that, nor are we a health retreat or detox retreat where you can expect an easy list of exercises!

We are somewhere between the two. Whilst Hillmotts is not a yoga retreat and we are not a military boot camp, we are a fitness camp that offers an element of similar principles to many boot camps, yoga retreat, fitness camps and detox retreat based companies in the UK.

We ensure you are fed healthy, clean, portion controlled food that is aimed at encouraging your metabolism to get a kick start back to healthier ways, encouraging that stored energy (body fat), to be metabolised. On all of our fitness camps we offer nutritional advice the same as you would get at any yoga retreat, health retreat, boot camp or detox retreat but with a difference! We look at the real world as that is where you will be carrying on the work you’ve accomplished on our camp and we show you what you can still achieve without any fad diets, pills and potions or spending ££££££’s on false promises.

The team are knowledgeable and will help to ensure you have the tools to take away and implement all the advice we give you to improve your lifestyle, start to “eat clean”, improve your daily habits and develop a routine that will help you bring your weight and diet under control and achieve that confidence in yourself.

As we get older we tend to think that we are not capable of attending a fitness camp style fitness holiday and so instead many people look for yoga retreats, health retreats or detox retreats. However, often these can include some extreme dieting measures which have been known to make many people feel very unwell and actually cause some damaging side effects meaning they cannot do the exercise they intended to do as they don’t have the energy from the calories in their food to sustain such an intense programme. Guests are surprised by how clean eating and portion control can leave you feeling satisfied and energised through our camps as most would eat highly processed foods and two or three times the amount!

So you are much better off attending a fitness camp like Hillmotts that offers a balanced approach to weight loss, nutrition and fitness. We combine all the best elements from boot camps, yoga retreats, health retreat and detox retreat into one complete package at a great affordable price. So call or email us to find out more details and to begin a healthier way of living from today for you and your family!

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Healthy Tasty Food

All meals at Hillmotts are designed by nutritionists and are filling, tasty and healthy!

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All of our venues are set in extensive grounds, so you can be assured that your experience will be enjoyable, coupled with the tranquillity and comfort of our surroundings.

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