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Frequently Asked Questions

Fitness Boot Camps FAQ's

1. Are You Military On Your Boot Camps?

No, we are one of the only boot camps that refrain from military style. We have various styles of training while on the boot camp and use some methods the military may use, however this is because they are proven to aid in achieving results. We are more geared towards using methods of training that you can take home with you and use when keeping up the exercise post camp. As we are not military, you will be pushed hard and encourged to take part in everything but we will never shout at your or get nasty. It is all done in a positive way! We are classes based with a variety of options to join in with including Circuits, High Intensity, Stretch, Yoga, Kettlebells, Core, Insanity, Body Weight, Games, Hiking and More!

2. Can I Come Alone?

Yes, in fact, lots of our guests come alone as singles, although we do also often get couples, family and friends attend together. You can as a single share a room with another guest or have your own private room.

3. Is it Suitable For Me? What type of fitness levels/individuals attend your camps?

We have all abilities and levels attend our fitness camps from marathon runners and triathletes through to people who have never walked into a gym before. Though, while on the boot camps, you can work to your own ability and will be encouraged by our trainers to try to push yourself to the next level.

4. Are All Meals Provided? What Does The Package Include?

Yes all meals are provided, but if you are trying to put on weight/bulk we recommend bringing additional snacks. All accommodation, meals and exercise is included in the price.

5. How Intense Is The Programme, Is It Weight Loss or Fitness Based?

In short it is both for fitness and/or weight loss. We cater for all abilities and levels while on our retreat or boot camp. The majority of people who attend come for a kick start so our personal trainers try their best to encourage you to work beyond your comfort zone but inevitably it is your retreat and you can work to your level. We do however recommend that you have started some form of exercise prior to attending if you wish to participate with some of the more intense activities but as we can always give easier options then it is no problem if you can't do anything prior to attending.

6. What Is The Accommodation Like?

The accommodation is based in country houses with various options of room types. The accommodation is all of a very good quality, we are not 5* luxury hotel - we offer country house accommodation which is much more relaxing when on a fitness package and it is a great standard with excellent facilities.

7. How Much Weight Will I Lose?

This is difficult to answer as weight loss always comes down to the individual and is different for everyone. Our average weight loss is 3-4lbs for 3 days and 5-7lbs for 6 days. However, at Hillmotts we are not about a quick fix or boasting about how much weight we can lose because if you want results and to achieve your goals it is about a lifestyle change not just a quick 3-6 day boot camp. While on the retreat we encourage you to use our personal trainers' knowledge and supply you with ways to improve your nutrition and training in order to keep results coming post retreat and to use the retreat for improving your knowledge and that all important kick start.

8. Can I Have Treatments?

Yes, we offer massage treatments at all locations. £40 for an hour and £60 for 90 mins.

9. What Time Does It Start & How Many Attend?

You arrive at midday on your first day with training starting at 1:30 - 2pm and end 4.30pm on your last day. We accept up to 20 people.

10. Do You Cater For Special Diet Needs

We offer a standard and vegetarian food plan, however for a small charge can also cater for specific diet needs.

11. I Have My Own Group or I Want To Come Alone, Do You Offer Tailor Made/Private Packages?

Yes, we often do this for all budgets from £20pp 1 hour sessions through to £10,000 per person in a Premier Scottish Castle! Please email cleo@hillmotts.co.uk for more information and to put together a package for you or your group.

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